Avian X Topflight Bluebill Decoys Foam Filled



Avian-X’s new foam-filled technology creates decoys that will ride out the storm – whether it’s raining water or raining steel. Core-Loc™ Technology fills every cavity inside the decoy – tail to body to head – with premium, marine-grade foam. The process seals the interior to create improved buoyancy, greatly enhanced stability and unsinkable performance. Go ahead and fill ‘em with shot; these resilient, worry-free decoys will keep on floating and attracting ducks with lifelike Avian-X realism, movement and attention to detail.


Avian-X Foam-Filled Decoys

  • Molded from rugged, durable rubber
  • Weight-forward swim keel
  • Ultra-realistic body posture and paint schemes
  • Super buoyant with lifelike movement
  • Sealed interior for extra stability
  • Core-LocTMtechnology fills every cavity
  • Marine-grade foam
  • Sold in six packs
  • 2 Greater high-head drakes, 2 Lesser active drakes, 1 Greater high-head hen, 1 Lesser active hen


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