Higdon Alpha Wobbler Goose Decoys

Higdon Outdoors


If realism is what you demand this is the most detailed and anatomically correct Canada Goose decoy available to hunters. Measuring 24” from breast to tail, the Wobbler Alpha has Higdon’s proprietary rich color-scheme that 100% replicates a Canada Goose. Cut from a Full-Body, the Wobbler Alpha gives you the look of a true Full-Body style decoy yet the portability and stackability of a field shell. The Wobbler’s stake system allows for tremendous decoy movement, even with the slightest breeze. Sold per six-pack with flocked heads. Each Wobbler pack comes with 2 Tru-Feeder Heads, 1 Tru-Sentry Head, 2 Tru-Walker natural heads and 1 Tru-Walker alert head.