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Pro Staff 2018

Our Pro Staff team is composed of a team of energetic, aggressive, eager waterfowl hunters that are experienced in hunting waterfowl in a variety of elements and areas. They help us during events, are involved in conservation, mentor youth hunters, and are true ambassadors of modern waterfowl hunting and our company ideals.


Kyle Mauthe

  I am from Delhi, Ontario where I grew up on our family farm. When I was fifteen, my father introduced me to hunting and I have never looked  back.  My passion for hunting and fishing led me to Fleming College where I graduated from the Fish and Wildlife Technologist and Natural Resources Law programs. I now work as a Lands and Water Technician/ ALUS Coordinator for the Long Point Region Conservation Authority. Waterfowl hunting is by far my favorite type of hunting. I love targeting big honkers and ducks in the field but also enjoy hunting Long Point Bay (or water, in general) for a wide variety of waterfowl. The interaction between the hunter and the bird is what I enjoy the most and I absolutely love calling and seeing the reactions from the birds. My interest in goose calling has now led me to start competing in local calling competitions. Most of the time I hunt with my dog, Max, who I trained and it is very satisfying and rewarding to see him work. When waterfowl season is slow I also enjoy chasing whitetails, turkeys and small game

Ben Godin

  I was born and raised in Brantford Ontario. My father, an avid sportsman all his life, introduced me to the duck blind and the life of waterfowling as soon as I was able to walk. At the same time my Grandfather introduced me to our Cajun waterfowling heritage. This way of life was his passion; from carving his decoys to seeing his black lab retrieve that downed bird, he loved it all. As my love for the sport developed I followed my interest to Fleming College where I attended the Fish and Wildlife Technologist program. I hunt with my black lab Buck. I brought Buck up from southern Louisiana to the icy waters of Lake Erie and he loves every minute of it. I spend most of the hunting season in Longpoint bay on Lake Erie trying to entice puddlers and divers to the spread. I have also been fortunate enough to experience the prairie pothole region of North Dakota, which is a waterfowler’s paradise and truly a gift to anyone who experiences it. My greatest enjoyment is seeing a group of divers work up the longlines right to the guns and the dogs. I have an ongoing interest in decoys including profile, paint schemes and function of the decoy. I also enjoy my time spent hunting moose, whitetail deer, small game and upland birds. I am excited to be part of the Canadian Waterfowl Supplies team and think we create a group of genuine guys looking to enjoy the time we get to spend in the blind and in the field.

Drew Bergman

 Hunting has been a tradition in my family for generations. I was just a young child when my grandpa decided to show me his favourite past time. He was the one who taught me how to shoot and took me on my first deer hunt when I was twelve years old. Since then, I could never get enough! When I was thirteen, I went on my first waterfowl hunt. This is what I consider my true passion. There's nothing quite like having a flock of ducks and geese fly by and commit to your calling and spread. Over the years, I have traveled to many destinations in Canada, including Quebec and Manitoba, to pursue different species of waterfowl. The past years, I have been extremely successful in my hunts and more importantly I have been able to share my passion with family and friends. This opportunity to teach others what hunting is about has made me realize that hunting is not just a part of my life, but it is who I am. With my years of knowledge, passion and experience I know that I am ready to take on the next adventure. Being apart of Canadian Waterfowl Supplies is an opportunity that will allow me to share my family's favorite past time with fellow Canadian waterfowlers.

Francis Descheneaux

  I was born in a small town in central Quebec. A small town where fishing, hunting and trapping is prevalent and considered a lifestyle and tradition. I come from a family of hunters and the tradition has been passed over to me. At the age of 8 years, I started accompanying my father on duck hunting outings on Lake St. Pierre. I immediately got the “bug” and have been breathing and living waterfowl hunting ever since. I obtained my licence as soon as I could and kept following my father and learning in order to better myself as a hunter and outdoor enthusiast. From year to year, I accumulate experience out in the field, either hunting or by spending countless hours studying waterfowl behavior, particularly greater snow geese. To me, studying the birds is crucial in understanding behavior and movements in certain weather conditions, food sources etc.. The more you know about the birds, the more your scouting and hunting will be succesful. I hunt many types of waterfowl species but snow geese are my favorite. I like the challenge of decoying snow geese, especially in the spring when successful hunts are so much more rewarding . I hunt in different areas of Quebec with some good friends and where waterfowl species are abundant. When I am not waterfowl hunting, I can be found fishing, deer hunting or studying for college.

Ben Leger

  I grew up in a small town about half an hour East of Ottawa where my father introduced me to hunting at a very young age. My father is a true outdoorsman and I spent most of my weekends on the water or in the bush. My best memories are time spent with the family; watching dad get some puddle ducks in a beaver pond or shooting decoying bluebills in a back bay of the Ottawa River. I still remember my first duck like it was yesterday. Hunting in general and more particularely waterfowl hunting has been a big part of my life and I am looking forward to passing on the tradition to my son who was born in May 2013. I have been fortunate enough to have hunted different waterfowl species in Alberta,Quebec and Ontario. Whether i am hunting snow geese on the shores of the St-Lawrence River in Quebec, specks in Alberta or mallards and Canada geese in the cornfields of Southern Ontario; I always take a minute to watch a sunrise; observe the committed birds cupping in and think to myself that Canada is the place to be in terms of waterfowl hunting. With Canadian Waterfowl Supplies now giving us access to the best decoys and waterfowl products available, it just got this much better!  I enjoy every part of the hunt. I enjoy scouting and patterning the birds and enjoy going that extra mile to try to find something different to fool pressured birds on public land or doing the leg work in order to find a landowner and secure permission. I also have an interest for waterfowl taxidermy; my father has a collection and I have started “decorating” my home with duck and goose mounts. Luckily my wife Sarah shares the same interest. I am billingual and have excellent oral and written skills in English and French. I am a professional and mature individual with good people skills and I can relate to being an average “weekend” hunter. I believe my experience will allow me to help Canadian Waterfowl Supplies customers from all areas of Canada.

Lance Holmes

  Since my father has introduced me to the outdoors I have been obsessed. Not just with waterfowling, but with all outdoor activities. Througout the years my family have all participated in several programs with the local fish and game club including the Grenville goslings / honker hunters program which involves taking young future hunters and teaching them calling, decoy placement, ethics and safety while hunting waterfowl.This got me involved and interested in calling contests and have met some of the best callers in the business. Years ago, when I was just 11 years old, a gentleman named Craig Mcdonald sat down with me on the tail gate of his truck tuned one of his calls for me to try and then gave me some tips. Ever since then my life has never been the same. My passion for the sport has grown and evolved I have participated in multiple calling contest. Now I teach youth calling classes, mentor kids in and out of the field and trying to pass along the experiences I have lived through out my years as a waterfowler . I am on the Delta Waterfowl 1000 Islands Chapter committee, Burnbrae Farms Conservation committee and also work along side my friend Chris Benson who is the Director of the Oak Hammond Marsh for Ducks Unlimited Manitoba. I am a heavy supporter of anything that promotes and benefits the waterfowl community and I really do feel that with my background, experience, and efforts that I can offer great support to Canadian Waterfowl Supplies Customers.

Jason Smith 

Growing up in small Northern Ontario towns I got my introduction into hunting in much the same way as other young kids did, walking the grouse trails with dad. While it was not known at the time, the seed being planted during those early years would grow into the full fowl obsession that consumes me today. When I completed my hunter certification and firearms courses I established full membership in dads deer and moose camps. Next on the list was Black Bear and Turkey hunting and it wasn’t until a little while later that I was introduced to Waterfowl hunting. Again, dad was by my side as I took my first goose and from there I was hooked. At this stage, it’s not all about the trigger time and limits but rather the journey. Living in the North, we get first access to the birds, but to be able to continue hunting throughout the season I must migrate with them. This sport has allowed me to make friends all over and I am blessed to be able to share the fields and marshes with folks who were once strangers and have quickly become my brothers. I reside on our local Ducks Unlimited committee, and am also a supporter of Delta Waterfowl and the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters. I have a yellow lab “Maddy” who brings smiles to anyone who hunts over her and I am supported by my wife Chrystal, and am also the father of two amazing little boys who currently enjoy walking the grouse trails with dad.
Being associated with Canadian Waterfowl Supplies will allow me the opportunity to continue to network within the waterfowl hunting community learning from some and helping others along the way, much the same way as CWS has done for me.

Parry Blancke

My passion for hunting started at an early age, typically watching hunting shows on what was known as TNN at the time, I became fascinated with everything hunting. Growing up without anyone around me who hunted it was a long and hard road, but it taught me patience, a lot more about myself, life and it's lessons. Being self taught I recognize the importance of sharing the passion of hunting, and is the reason I want to introduce new hunters to what we crave. My addiction to waterfowl hunting is something that has become an everyday normality within our house hold, my wife Becca and I can be caught scheduling and rescheduling plans around hunting and scouting, even my dog Trigger knows when it's time to go for a "tour" to find birds. My focus is to introduce our lifestyle and passion to those who don't share it and teach those who want to know more about it. I enjoy volunteering my time with Ducks Unlimited Canada. Through them, I've connected with many other like-minded people that want to do their part in conservation. I am currently a part of 3 different DU committees in South Western Ontario and helping kick start a revamped nesting box project. To me the hunting is only a part of the addiction.

My name is Brad Cummings and I have been hunting since I was just a child with my father. The great outdoors is where I belong. Most of what I have learned is self taught, but I have had many great mentors over the years as well. It wasn't until my later teens, early twenties that I found a passion for waterfowling and I enjoy all aspects of it. From the early mornings, and late evenings scouting and setting up, to working birds into a spread, its an action packed adventure every time. Many memories and the best stories are created from days in the blinds or marsh. I enjoy all species of waterfowl but big ol' Canada Geese are by far the best to chase. I hunt over water, in fields, and secret woody holes, and manage to get out for sea ducks when I get the oppertunity. I am very involved in the outdoors, through gun clubs, hunting, fishing and trapping associations, conservation organizations and and guiding. I have sat on the board of directiors on our local Delta waterfowl Chapter for the last four years, volunteer my time at dinners, events and in the marsh setting up woodduck and hen houses. I have mentored youth, helped teach various courses and seminars, entered and placed in calling competations, and worked hard to educate the public on what we as outdoorsman and hunters are about. I enjoy spending time with my son Avery, chocolate lab MAX and my girlfriend Tania. During the off season I enjoy trapping, ice fishing, training my dog, and tuning up my calling skills. Predator management also keeps me busy with coyotes, fox and raccoons. I am also a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. I have also competed and placed in various moose calling contests. Since I have started hunting I have had the opportunity to use and try various products and I feel with my knowledge it will help to benefit the valued customers of Canadian Waterfowl Supplies in the future.