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Avian-X AXF Flocked Sleeper Shell Canada Goose Decoys

New for 2017. These one-piece stackable shells perfectly portray sleeping or resting geese. Molded from Avian-X’s advanced rubberized material and finished with incredibly realistic paint that will not chip, their deep relief and detail result in the spot-on realism that Avian-X is known for – a decoy that is nearly impossible to discern from the real thing.

The perfect compliment to AXF Honker Shells featuring positionable heads released last year, new AXF one-piece Sleeper Shells can also be mixed in with Avian-X full-body decoys, completing the ultimate, highly compelling, space-saving late-season spread. They’ll provide a more natural appearance to any decoy spread, but especially when working hard-hunted late-season honkers.

Avian-X AXF Canada Goose Sleeper Shells (Fully Flocked)

  • Six one-piece stackable shells included
  • Slightly oversized at 23”L x 12”W x 8”H
  • Carved By World Champion Carver Rick Johannsen
  • Advanced rubberized molding material
  • True to life paint schemes
  • Non-chip paint
  • Fully flocked