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Avian-X Topflight Late Season Mallard Duck Decoys

Sold out for 2017 season.  Avian-X Topflight Late Season Mallards are molded from the same advanced rubberized material as other Avian-X decoys, but feature a wider footprint for better stability in rough water, while exhibiting a fuller, more robust profile and increased visibility. Avian-X Topflight Late Season Mallards depict the compact, true-to-life poses that real mallards assume in cold, late-season conditions. Each six-pack includes two Low Head Drakes, two Resting Drakes and two Resting Hens. In true, Avian-X fashion, their vivid paint jobs are astoundingly realistic and detailed. For example, Topflight Late Season Mallards lack a visible speculum, as this feature is often totally obscured by the thick down and feathers of real, late-season resting birds. The durable molding compounds and no-chip paint processes employed by Avian-X ensure these decoys are perfectly suited to endure the particularly harsh conditions and rough use of the late season.

• Molded from advanced rubberized material 

• Ultra-realistic, non-chip paint • Wide footprint for stability in rough water 

• True-to-life, cold weather poses 

• Six-pack includes two Resting Drakes, two Resting Hens and two Low Head Drakes