Drake Waterfowl Ghillie Clubhouse 6 Man Blind With No Shadow Dual Action Top

Drake Waterfowl



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After receiving numerous requests from guide services all over the country, we developed the Clubhouse 6-Man Blind, the largest portable blind on the market. With a 4 hunter minimum requirement, most guides want their group all under one roof so they can keep an eye on movement and more importantly, call the shot and control the top. No feature works better for this than our patent pending No-Shadow Dual-Action Top that allows you to shoot out the front or back of your blind while eliminating the typical hard shadows created by topless blinds. The see-through mesh top also has brush straps allowing you to use natural brush to blend and become invisible to waterfowl.

Measuring 12 feet 9 inches wide and a depth of 4 feet 4 inches, there’s no question why we call this the Clubhouse. And with wall gates on both front and rear, 6 people can enter and exit the blind simultaneously without tripping over chairs, gear, or each other. 

This blind is also at home on dry ground or in 2 feet of water. And with legs that adjust from 32 to 50 inches, you can hunt standard profile or you can drop down and hunt from the ground. It also allows you to hunt on the side of hills or on uneven surfaces.

The Clubhouse is covered with vinyl-coated camo windblocker equipped with brush straps, along with stakes and stake loops for securing against the wind. 

 Same as the 4-man, this 6-man blind can be erected in as little as 6 minutes and broken down in under 4 minutes.

Pattern: Shadowgrass Habitat
Features & Materials
• 12.75’ X 4.25’ Spacious Interior
• Strong, Durable Aluminum Square Tubing
• Rugged HD2 Material with Grass Straps
• No-Shadow Dual Action Top with See-Through Mesh
• Large Front & Rear Entry/Exit Gates
• Legs Adjustable by 2”
• Bottom Stake-Out Loops
• Easy Set-Up/Break-Down