Field Proven Sugar Slate Turkey Friction Call

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The Pot: The Sugar Slate is a traditional style turkey call that is designed and carefully built to be the most effective slate call in its class. It’s a premium slate surface over top a glass tone board precisely fitted into a hand sanded double sided Maple pot. Maple is considered to be a “Tone wood” which is a wood that carries sound waves well. Maple is described to have a bright resonant sound which is why it is commonly used for building violins, cellos, drums and many other instruments. We discovered that in turkey calls the Maple’s tonal quality is the ideal foundation for our premium slate call.

The Surface: The primary calling surface of the Sugar Slate is natural Slate rock which is a traditional turkey call material that delivers very soft, realistic hen turkey sounds. The slate surface is very easy to condition and has great striker control when delivering the softest most subtle purrs, yelps and clucks. We took the Sugar Slate design a step further by laying the slate rock over top a glass tone board. This allows the caller to deliver sharper cuts and excited yelps when needed which makes the “Sugar Slate” more versatile than your average slate call. The double sided pot also exposes the glass tone board on the back side of the call which can be conditioned and used as a secondary calling surface which makes the Sugar Slate again even more versatile.

The Striker: Every Sugar Slate turkey call is sound matched and pre-tested with our very own purple heart wood striker. Purple Heart is an exotic hardwood from Brazil and is ranked as one of the hardest and most stiff woods in the world. We chose purple heart because the striker characteristics will allow you to execute precise notes whether you are making the most subtle yelps and purrs or striking crisp cuts to locate midday gobblers.