Flextone Turkey Man Ol' Faithful Slate Pot Call


FT 00125

Turkey Man Ol’ Faithful pot calls are an instant classic - built on custom, hand-tuned walnut and cherry pots for optimum sound and resonance. The Friction surface is placed over a unique, glass soundboard for maximum volume and realistic turkey tones. Once he’s close, theses versatile and responsive calls back down to create the soft and seductive hen sounds required to lead him into range. The included Magnum Hickory Striker balances perfectly in the hand for precise control during the softest purrs, clucks and tree yelps, while delivering maximum volume during more aggressive cutting and yelping. An included Super Slate Conditioning Pad is provided to keep the slate surface and striker tip in top condition.

  • Custom walnut pot
  • Slate surface over glass soundboard
  • Magnum hickory striker

  • Collections: Turkey Calls & Blinds