Higdon Flats Motion Mallard Silhouette Decoys

Higdon Outdoors



The easy and convenient way to add motion to your spread. Higdon Outdoors MOTION FLATS Silhouette decoys are sturdy, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to deploy, and lightning fast to pick up. They offer realistic high resolution printed detail with a finish that won't fade and is resistant to glare. Higdon's innovative motion stake system allows your silhouette decoys to rotate up to 145 degrees in even the slightest wind. 12-Pack. Box includes 12 Tall Motion Stake systems, and 12 Mallard Decoys: 3 Drake Walkers, 3 Drake Feeders, 3 Hen Walkers, and 3 Hen Feeder decoys.

Add lifelike movement to any spread with the innovative motion stake system Extra rigid 1300g corrugated plastic silhouettes rotate 145º in even the slightest wind Heavy Duty 2-piece motion stakes with “foot-stomp” design for hard or frozen ground.