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Homer Decoy Foam Redhead Kit

Homer Blank Decoy bodies are high density foam and with proper care will be handed down to the next generation of waterfowl hunters in your family. Each decoy has been strategically designed to ride the water like a decoy should, rather than flipping and bouncing around unnaturally. They also hold tighter to the water for a more realistic look for incoming waterfowl.  

Homer Decoy heads are injection molded using the latest engineered plastics and resins available to provide a  semi solid, yet lightweight head that will last for generations not seasons.  Homer decoy heads are a solid head with a floating air pocket to keep weight down. Our Patent pending manufacturing process allows our heads to hold their shape and not blow out the detail. Homer decoy heads are designed to swivel to provide you with countless positions to allow for a more realistic decoy spread.  Homer Decoys offers a  lifetime warranty against head breakage.

Each Redhead kit contains 6 unpainted magnum diver bodies, 6 unpainted heads, 6 eye screws and washers.