JEBS High Voltage Waterfowl Choke Tube 12ga HP A400 Black Nitride

JEBS Precision Choke Tubes



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Just like our original JEBS High Voltage choke tube design, our Black Nitride waterfowl choke tubes are held to the same quality and durable standards as before. Besides looking incredible in the black, there are many additional benefits to the Black Nitride process: provides additional lubrication, protects against corrosion, and wear resistant, and 82 on the Rockwell Chart.

Choke Tube Restriction Comparisons:

.685 | Extreme - Long Range |  -  (For #2 Shot and Smaller)

.695 | Mid-Range |   -   (Mid range tube, but shoots larger shot like BB's & BBB similar to a long range choke) 

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