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THE ILLUSION, available in a single reed acrylic, is the original duck call from Last Flight Calls. The Illusion is as loud as you would ever want in a hunting situation.  And while it is louder than the Imposter, it can still get quiet when you need to finish those ducks close. The bore on this call is bigger than the Imposter which is going to require a little more air and be a little looser running. It will give you the range you need when getting the attention of those far away birds.

 This call is ideal for a wide range of hunters but really excels for hunters who frequent more open marsh units, rice fields, and reservoirs.

  • O-Ring Fit Insert
  • Exhaust Bore .520”
  • Nice and Raspy
  • Some Hold
  • Mid-high Range Call
  • Very Loud with a great range

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