Lifetime Decoys Flexfloat Canada Goose Decoys

Lifetime Decoys



The lightest and most durable goose decoy that has ever existed, simple as that. Made completely of ultradurable foam (not foam filled) with a hollow construction. At 19.5 lbs/dozen the Lifetime Goose Floater weighs less than half of the next closest competitor (42.3 lbs/dozen).  Shoot ’em, step on ’em, or run ’em over with your truck – it doesn’t matter, they will float no matter what and create more movement in your spread than you’ve ever seen before. Sit them on ice shelfs, dry fields, or river banks thanks to our dual keel design. Constructed with stainless steel eyebolts and washers guarenteeing you never lose a rig again. Works perfectly in conjuction with THE ORIGINAL Coated Steel Cable TX Rigs that gave Lifetime Decoys its start.

Includes 1 Sentry, 2 Actives, 1 Feeder goose, and removable self-righting keel weights for use in deep or extremely rough water to make sure your decoys sit correctly on the water every time. 19.5 lbs/dozen weightless, and 25.5 lbs/dozen with weights installed. Packaged per 4.