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Molt Gear Bad Grammer DVD

Digital Recorded audio and video will have you learning from the best teachers of all time....THE GEESE! Join 3 time World Live Goose Calling Champion Scott Threinen for 3 hours of instruction on holding the call, using your hands, air flow, inflection, building speed, calling in goose rhythms, along with all the basic and Bad Grammar notes. Watch and listen to the goose, learn how to do it, when to use it, and then watch it work in the field. 2 DVD set has everything for every level of caller!

- The Best visual teaching too the calling industry has ever seen!
-Tim Grounds
5 Time World Goose Calling Champion

- By far the best instructional DVD available! Scott masterfully simpliflies
goose calling, and then takes it to the extreme and onto another level!
- Kelley Powers
World Goose Calling Champion of Champions