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Molt Gear EX3D Goose Call Black

This newest version of the EX3D goose call not only comes with a new look, but also new insides. The new D's now come in a smooth gloss finish, and a new engraving pattern. The EX3D logo is now wrapped 360 degrees around the call, and is hand painted. It comes in 3 color options, all black, black and monster green, and black with white fill.

Molt Gear opened up the bore on the barrel to provide for a little smoother flow of air that will help transition into another note better. We also opened up the back half of the compression chamber, not a lot, but enough to make a difference. This will also help the call breathe a little better throughout the notes.

The final change we made was with the guts, they now come with Black "Phantom" guts. The Black Phantoms are 2 year old broke in guts with room for a lot more wear. They are a little softer gut then the Green Phantoms that come in the acrylic. This softer density helps offset the harder molding compound we use to ensure tone quality.