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Momarsh Fatback 7.5 Combo Layout Boat

Get there faster and with more gear in the all new for 2016 Fat Back 7.5 layout boat. It’s widened stern gives this boat incredible stability and floatation characteristics. The Fatback 7.5 Combo includes: the Fatback 7.5 Layout Boat, Deck Cover, Blind Doors, Dog Door, Invisilounge Seat, and the removeable transom mount for your motor. 


  • Designed for greater stability, shallower drafting, straighter tracking and smoother turning.
  • Extra large cockpit.
  • Screw in plug allows for easy draining.
  • Fits into the back of all truck beds and can be stacked one on another.
  • Optional detachable transom for attachment of gas or electric motors.
  • Stable enough to stand in while poling or paddling.
  • Large carrying capacity, can easily handle hunter, dog, gear and 6 dozen decoys.
  • Planning hull design.
  • Built In Flotation chambers fore and aft.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approved.


  • Length: 13′
  • Height: 17″
  • Width: 48″
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Cockpit Length: 7′
  • Cockpit Width: 33′
  • Draft Depth Empty: 2″
  • Loaded: 4″
  • Capacity: 520 lbs
  • HP Capacity: 7.5 Horse Power Mud Motor
  • Construction: Hand laid and chopped fiberglass laminate
Note: Shipping not available on this product. Mud motor not included. Some assembly required for blind system.