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Momarsh Invisichair Max-5

Tuck into the reeds, corn fields, or fence line and hunt in comfort with the Momarsh Invisichair. Adjustable legs allow you to set up in water, shorelines, and field. The Invisichair is our shallow water solution that solves the vertical cover concealment challenge, while being very mobile, comfortable and effective.

Features include:

  • Mobile, Portable
  • Quick set up and break down
  • Lightweight (23lb.)
  • Adjustable for water depths to 34″
  • Blind is adjustable for hunter size
  • Spring open top for unobstructed shooting
  • Mesh blind top for good visibility
  • Shoot while sitting or standing
  • Storage bags for dead ducks and gear.
  • Webbing straps for adding vegetation
  • Large “duck feet” that prevent legs from sinking into the mud fully.