Natural Camo Face Paint Vials

Natural Camo


The product ingredients are natural and lay on top of your skin allowing it to breathe or sweat normally without clogging your pores or staining your skin. The easy roll on applicator means no mess on hands, fingers or glasses.

Each vial will give you an approximate coverage for 8-10 uses. All vials are 5 ml. Natural Camo dries to a matte finish. 

Advantages of Natural Camo:

Scent free
No waxes or plastic fillers
Non Toxic for you and the environment
No harmful chemicals
Non staining
Easy roll on application
SPF sun protection in ingredients
Sweat proof and water resistant
FDA approved ingredients
Quick and easy removal with a wet cloth
Wont clump, separate or flake on skin like oily and waxy camouflage

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