Real-Geese Pro Series 3 Canada Goose Silhouettes



The Pro Series 3 Decoys features a new patented specialized blend of materials covered with our signature patented cloth to reduce the dreaded glare/sheen.

Pro Series 3 decoys are 1/2 the weight of our Pro Series 2 decoys. Now you can carry more decoys to the field than you could ever before.  We understand everyone hunts with our decoys all over the world, and with that different types of ground are common; these Pro Series 3 decoys now come packaged with 2 options for stakes. Our new Composite stakes, that resemble our signature wooden stakes, or the new Dual Fiberglass rod stake system are packaged with the decoys.

This gives any hunter the flexibility to use any stake you desire in the type of ground you are hunting in. Real-Geese has used state of the art technology to provide you with the most realistic looking decoys we have made to date. Each decoy has a distinct look and color and gives your spread a much more detailed look to it.

With this introduction of the Pro Series 3, these are 12 NEW poses. 

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