Real-Geese Xclipse Shadow Series Upright Canada Goose Silhouettes 12 Pack



The Xclipse is our newest addition to the Real Geese Shadow Series. This is our next step in affordable Custom Silhouettes. Not only is this the first decoy in our Shadow series that embodies our Patented, non-reflective, textured surface – the Xclipse is manufactured out of the same custom lightweight plastic as the original Shadows. This superior Shadow decoy enables addition to every field hunter’s spread perfectly or as a stand-alone scatter as it exudes nearly ZERO shine! The Xclipse comes with our 20” powder-coated stake that gives you that adjustable durability that has been proven to be no match for weather and soil conditions.

12 Real-Geese Xclipse Canada Goose Silhouette Upright Decoys per Box

This is a Canadian Waterfowl Supplies exclusive product. 

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