White Rock Deck Boss Canada Goose Decoy

White Rock Decoy Company



White Rock Decoys Deck Boss Flying Canada Goose Decoy is the most realistic, durable, and storable wind-activated flying decoy ever designed! The Deck Boss Flyers feature durable wings that stay connected to the decoy and fold flat, eliminating storage issues other flyer decoys present.

The high-density polycarbonate wing spars were engineered to provide a realistic flapping motion that has never been seen before in both high and low winds!

Lesser Canada Goose hunters love to let this decoy ride high and let the cocky side-to-side pivoting swagger provide the movement needed to kill big groups of wary cacklers. While those hunting slow moving giants typically anchor the decoy low to the ground - out in the spread - to act like a traditional flag. This takes attention AWAY FROM THE BLINDS without any extra arm motion. White Rock Decoys Deck Boss Flyers are the ultimate in flyer decoy technology!

The Deck Boss Canada Goose Flyer has a fully flocked head and comes with a quick-connect nosepiece that works great on either a  1/4 inch rod or a 1/2 inch EMT conduit*.

24" Sway Arm is included!