White Rock Silhouette Goose Decoys

White Rock Decoy Company



Grow your spread quickly without the bulk, weight, and price of fullbody decoys with White Rock Decoys Canada Goose Silhouettes.  

Sized large and designed from images of real geese, the ultra-matte contrasting whites and darks of these decoys have incredible drawing power in any field. Made from extra thick fluted plastic material, the printing is done using UV proof outdoor grade inks for a never fading image that is all goose no matter the weather conditions.

These Silos feature powder coated tempered steel ground stakes that go all the way through the decoys so they always stay connected allowing for quicker sets and tear downs. This power stake design allows you to push from the top of the decoy, increasing leverage to help get the stakes into hard or frozen ground.

 The 1 dozen pack of Canada Goose Silhouettes comes with a mix of 5 positions.

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