Zink Calls Wicked Series Slate Friction Call

Zink Calls

Zink 306 Slate


The Wicked Series is the only custom friction call on the market today that is constructed with impregnated wood. With the impregnation of acrylic into the Brazilian Cherry pan, it allows the call to be completely weatherproof and the sound quality is unmatched. Combining this with the key features and it is a one-of-a-kind call. We discovered this material on the waterfowl side of our company and realized that it is a home run for not only durability, but sound quality as well. Along with the striker conditioner, no-slip grip ring and the one-of-a kind built-in “Sweet-Spot” for soft calling, the Wicked Series calls are unmatched. Wicked Slate call packs come included with the Turkey Time University instructional DVD.