Boats And Boat Blinds

Beavertail 1700/1800 Boat Blind Flip Top




New camouflage pattern Karma Wetland.

Waterfowl hunters are passionate about their sport and will go out in any and all types of weather.  The new Flip-Top Blind from Beavertail will protect you from the elements on those nasty days, and offers concealment from overhead birds on those bright sunny days.

This Flip-Top Blind attachment fits the 1800 Series Flip Over Blind.

Pattern: Karma Wetland 


  • 600 Denier, Windproof & Waterproof Polyester Shell
  • Light-Weight, Powder-Coated Modified Square Aluminum Frame
  • Sewn-On Vegetation Straps For Complete Camouflage
  • Quick Attach / Detach
  • Easy Breakdown for Storage / Transport
  • Adjustable Height from 16″-24″ Inches
  • Frame Length: 11’Feet X 8″Inches