About Us

We love to hunt.

Deer, moose, bear, and small game are on the list, but waterfowl hunting is the number one passion for each member of our family and Canadian Waterfowl Supplies is a family business. There are no words that can properly describe the joy of crawling out of bed early in the morning, putting on your gear, and heading to the duck blind for a day of "coming in on the right" or "take em". Even the occasional "I can't believe I missed that bird". It only gets better when you have the company of friends, or family, and a good hunting dog by your side. If you are on this site, you know the feeling.

As with many hunters, we have suffered from limited product offerings on this side of the Canadian border and the decision was made to start this business and bring some of the leading industry products into Canada. When you see a product on this site, it is because we are using it now or have used it in the past. We have had great feedback from postings in forums, discussions with waterfowl hunters, as well as national organizations and are looking forward to supplying innovative as well as hard tested traditional products to the Canadian waterfowling community.

Canadian Waterfowl Supplies operates an online business but we also have a retail shop where you can purchase products directly from our location or pick up an order that you have placed online.

We have teamed with Shopify Canada in developing this site for several reasons. Our website security and ease of use for customers were the top two considerations. Paypal is our transaction processor and they are well respected as a leader in credit card transactions on the internet with strong security measures. We will not share any information that you provide us to any other parties.

We are always available on the phone or by email and will return all calls and inquiries quickly. When you receive an email or a phone call response from us, you are always talking to someone that hunts.

Having developed strong relationships with our suppliers, they are all on board with the growth into Canada and offer us strong support to ensure your satisfaction with products that you have purchased from us. Shipping options from UPS, Canpar, and Canada Post allow us to send products anywhere in Canada at a cost effective price for our customers. 

Welcome to Canadian Waterfowl Supplies!

Happy Hunting,

Patrick, Connie, Ryan, and Tanya Heinrichs

Canadian Waterfowl Supplies

Oakland, Ontario, Canada