Patternmaster 12ga Beretta Optima HP A-400 CODE BLACK GOOSE




Code Black Goose is a unique design from Patternmaster that ensures quicker release of gas resulting in reduced pressure and recoil that effectively separates the wad faster and produces an even more symmetric shot pattern. Code Black tubes have been coated with a bronze-titanium blend to better withstand heat and corrosion. Tubes are only available in a non-reflictive Bronze color that blends well with fall camo and wetland patterns. Tube will extend out the end of your barrel one and a half inches. Expect full patterns with any length shells. Patterns vary with shot sizes, larger shot like #2s, BB BBB, and T shot will pattern tighter. Small shot such as #4s and #5s will throw a more open pattern. Once again, Patternmaster has gone to the limits to make a top-of-the-line shooting accessory for the extreme hunting experience. Warning: Mass Casualities will happen! 

Not for use with ammunition containing flight control wad or slug ammunition. Not for use with Challenger 1500fps Steel loads and Remington Hyper Sonic Steel loads.

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