Tanglefree Jerk String Handle

Tanglefree Waterfowl



The handle from Tanglefree’s EZ Jerk String is now offered as an individual item so DIY waterfowl perfectionists can have a flawless handle for their jerk string project. This handle was over-analyzed with a variety of features to ensure the worlds of simplicity and function satisfied the toughest of hunters: 

-Oversized to fit large extra-large hands and gloves, but also more room to wrap line.

-Center Peg Hook to easily secure the line and have center balanced pulls during hunts.

-Loop in the top of the handle to hang it on nails, hooks, or Tanglefree’s Timber Strap.

-Loop in the bottom to connect a floating keychain… Just Drop in the water and Shoot!

-Colored Brown to better blend into any hunting environment.

-Durable Plastic Molding that will not flex, crack or break during any hunting abuse.

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