Avian-X AXP Specklebelly Goose Decoys



$299.99 $389.99

Avian-X’s full-body AXP Speckle Belly Fusion Packs include 3 feeders, 2 walkers and 1 sentry pose. The various body postures mirror those of real geese, while the deep texture and detailed paint schemes match the intricate, yet subtle coloration of the white-fronted goose’s distinct plumage. Avian-X Specks are molded from an advanced rubberized material and sport infallible, non-chip paint, not to mention the best motion stake system on the market, which work equally great on bare ground, in stubble or shallow water settings. Each AXP Speckle Belly Fusion Pack comes complete with motion stakes and a 6-slot carry bag. 
• Molded from advanced rubberized material 
• Ultra-realistic, non-chip paint • Motion stakes and 6-slot bag included 
• Fusion Pack Includes 3 feeders, 2 walkers and 1 sentry