Backwater Swomp 35 Longtail Mud Motor




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The new SWOMP offers a boost in performance and reliability while also reducing weight.  How is that possible?  The direct drive system.  Direct drive means full power transfer to the propeller shaft (there’s no u-joint using a portion of your HP) as well as less vibration. The new frame design also allows for a lower pivot point, which means an improved angle of entry into the water.  All of this equates to more of your horsepower going where you want it. The new frame is so good that we’re now making it the standard SWOMP model for larger horsepowers



993 CC

DRIVE: Triple-sealed long-life bearing system

BOAT RECOMMENDATION: 16' - 20' x 52+"

SHAFT LENGTH: 77" or 65" (SS model)


PROP: Backwater Blade™ Stainless Super weedless

Weight: 225 lbs.

Standard with Versa-mount transom mount

- Trim adjustment pin.  Controls how far the prop can drop in to the water

- 360 degree swivel with two safety locks and travel lock.  Prop can turn into the boat for transportation.

-  Inboard and outboard mounting capability offers the ability to change weight distribution in the boat.

-  Get the prop in undisturbed water. Changing from out board to inboard moves the prop 4 inches plus the thickness of the transom.

-  When mounted out board set back transom allows sharper turns

-  Lowest riding transom mount with the ability to swivel. Lowers the operating angle of the motor

- Matches any transom angle from 0-16 degrees.  Adjustment allows for the swivel surface to always be mounted level.

    Having a level swivel surface makes all prop depth adjustments function and prevents the motor from tilting when making turns.


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