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Backwater Swomp 40 Longtail Mud Motor



993 CC

The all new 40 is here, and it's a force to be reckoned with.  If you want lots of power, with no compromises, this is the motor for you. 

DRIVE: Triple-sealed long-life bearing system

BOAT RECOMMENDATION: 16' - 20' x 52+"

SHAFT LENGTH: 71" or 59" (SS model)


PROP: Backwater Blade™ Stainless Super weedless

Weight: 225 lbs.

Standard with Versa-mount transom mount

- Trim adjustment pin.  Controls how far the prop can drop in to the water

- 360 degree swivel with two safety locks and travel lock.  Prop can turn into the boat for transportation.

-  Inboard and outboard mounting capability offers the ability to change weight distribution in the boat.

-  Get the prop in undisturbed water. Changing from out board to inboard moves the prop 4 inches plus the thickness of the transom.

-  When mounted out board set back transom allows sharper turns

-  Lowest riding transom mount with the ability to swivel. Lowers the operating angle of the motor

- Matches any transom angle from 0-16 degrees.  Adjustment allows for the swivel surface to always be mounted level.

    Having a level swivel surface makes all prop depth adjustments function and prevents the motor from tilting when making turns.


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