Bayou Classic 14-in High Pressure Cooker

Bayou Classic



Bayou Classic® 14-in High-Pressure Cooker is a traditional choice for all outdoor cooking adventures. 

Steam, boil, fry, and homebrew! All welded, 14-in wide cooking surface supports large stockpots up to 62-qt capacity. Heat Resistant Paint, No-Rust Cast Aluminum Burner, and 360° windscreen protection show that we understand the importance of presentation – as well as function. 48-in LPG hose increases the distance of the propane tank away from wide-diameter stockpots. The stainless braided hose provides added value protection from heat and flame downdraft. 

Compact size enables portability from backyard parties to camping, RVs, festivals, and tailgating.

 Features and Benefits:

  • 4-in Cast Aluminum Burner, 59,000 BTUs
  • 14-in Cooking Surface
  • 12.5-in Tall Welded Frame
  • 360° Windscreen Protection
  • Heat Resistant Paint
  • 10-psi Pre-Set Regulator with Brass Control Valve
  • 48-in Stainless Braided LPG Hose 
  • Functionally designed for stockpots 14-in diameter to 62-qt
  • Bayou Classic® Item Number SP10