Can Rig 72" Texas Rigs with 6oz Mushroom Weights

Can Rig


Texas rigging is a technique commonly used in duck hunting to anchor and rig duck decoys. It involves using a length of heavy-duty monofilament line or Vinyl coated steel cable with a weight at one end and a snap swivel or clip at the other. The weight is designed to anchor the decoy in place. The line is attached to the decoy via the snap swivel, and the weight is buried in the mud or placed on the bottom of the water body, allowing the decoy to float naturally while remaining securely anchored. So, when someone mentions a "Texas rigged duck decoy," they might be referring to a duck decoy rigged using the Texas rigging method.

  • Manufactured in Canada by POW Casting
  • Texas Rigs manufactured with 400lb black monofilament line
  • 12 pack- 72" Texas rigs with 6oz mushroom weight anchors

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