Dakota Decoy Migration Snow Goose Decoys

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Dakota Decoy is proud to introduce the new Migration Series Snow Goose decoys. The new decoys feature all new carvings, and are the most realist decoys available! There are 3 new body styles, feeding, searching and upright. They are available in a Snow pack, Blue pack or an all new Juvie pack, featuring 4 Juvie Snows and 2 Juvie Blues. These one-piece decoys are built for the harshest conditions, featuring an all new motion cone for the ultimate movement. They come standard with an all new stake system for those looking to save space! The decoys are packaged in 6 packs featuring 3 feeders, 1 searching and 2 uprights.



  • One piece body
  • Motion Cone allows movement to increase spread realism.
  • Fast setup!
  • Dakota durable

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