Dakota Decoy Xtreme Mallard Duck Decoys (6 Pack)

Dakota Decoys



The first thing you will notice is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a duck decoy for hunting. The drakes go through a 24 step painting process, and the hens go through a 16 step painting process. This attention to detail is evident the minute you lay eyes on these decoys!

The heads will spin a full 360 degrees, to give your spread the most realistic look ever achieved with decoys and are manufactured out of the same 60/40 blend of high and low density polyethylene that has been proven extra tough on Dakota goose decoys. The decoys are slightly oversized, measuring 16” in length. They have a weighted keel designed with the hunter in mind. We’ve added a cleat to the front of the keel to lengthen or shorten lines to the desired depth of water.

The decoys are packaged in six packs with 3 drakes and 3 hens. Drakes come with flocked heads. One look at these and you’ll agree… duck hunting will never be the same!

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