DOA Cowboy Pack Mallard Decoys

DOA Decoys



The “Cowboy Pack” from DOA Decoys is the pinnacle in durability and detail. The Cowboy Pack contains 6 flocked head mallard drakes in 3 head positions (2 Upright, 2 Rester, 2 Skimmer). With these true to life postures, flocked heads, oversize body, and incredibly life like carvings, the Cowboy Pack is a great tool to put the most leery of birds in your decoys.


  • Individually Hand Painted
  • 6 Flocked Head Mallard Drakes
  • 1-Piece Construction of HDPE and LDPE Plastic
  • Recessed, Weighted Hexagonal Keel Provides
  • Movement in the Slightest Wind or Current
  • Line Tie-Off On Keel