DOA Refuge Black Duck Decoys

DOA Decoys



The DOA Decoys Black Duck Floaters are a great addition to any spread.  DOA duplicated the colors of real black ducks to create the most effective and realistic spread enhancers ever brought to the market.  Adding our Black Duck decoys to your spread will increase its visibility as well as bring wary birds in even closer.  These rugged one-piece decoys feature weighted and recessed hexagonal keels ensuring movement in the slightest wind or current.

Packaged in 6 Packs, with 1 Upright Drake, 2 Resting Drakes, 2 Resting Hens and 1 Upright Hen


  • Unrivaled Paint Process
  • One Piece Construction of HDPE and LDPE Plastic
  • Recessed and Weighted Hexagonal Keel provides motion to decoys in the slightest wind or current
  • Line Tie-Off On Keel

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