DOA Refuge Greenwing Teal Decoys

DOA Decoys



Our Refuge Series Teal Floaters are individually hand painted to bring detail and realism not found in any other teal decoys on the market. We also know that the more decoys stand out on the water the easier it is to decoy teal in close, so our line of teal floaters are over sized guaranteeing you will get a flocks attention from far away.

Each decoy is one piece, and the recessed, weighted keel makes these decoys dance in even the slightest wind or current.

Packaged in 6 packs, with 2 Upright Hens, 2 Low Head Hens, and 2 Drakes.


  • One Piece Construction
  • Individually hand painted
  • Recessed and Weighted Keel provides motion to decoys in the slightest wind or current

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