Echo Calls XLT Half & Half Duck Call

Echo Calls



These Half & Half calls have a wooden barrel for beauty with the strength of an acrylic insert behind it for more versatility and more range of volume than wood inserts. These calls are handsomely designed with a polished brass band for beauty and strength. The XLT Duck Call, which stands for “Xtra Loud Timber,” is one of Echo Calls most versatile duck calls. This call will produce a Loud Ringing Hail Call that will reach out when hunting big open water. And when you need to get Soft and Nasty, the XLT Call will put the finishing touches on those hard-to-work mallards. This call is the mother of Pure Meat. It inspired the idea for a call with a better hold/backpressure, which is what our XLT does very well.

Color- Bois D'arc / Black Acrylic


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