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Available July 2024. Incredibly durable and lifelike decoys for big water hunting, GreenHead Gear® Pro-Grade Surf Scoter Duck Decoys handle the harshest water conditions for years of use. Greenhead Gear's top shelf decoys, Pro-Grade Surf Scoter decoys give hunters true-to-life surf decoys with amazing feather detail, durability, and finishing power. Ultra-durable, foam-filled construction with high performance 60/40 Dura-Keel keels for exceptional decoy balance and position in all types of water conditions. Swivel heads for a custom look. Great duck decoys for spreads on either coast. Includes: 4 drakes and 2 hens.

  • Surf Scoter decoys designed to perfectly replicate the ducks you're hunting
  • Pro-Grade series - incredible durability and lifelike look
  • Great decoys for spreads on either coast
  • Ultra-durable foam-filled construction - will not sink
  • 60/40 Dura-Keel design - correct position on smooth or rough water
  • Swivel heads

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