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The GHG Decoy Systems Pro-Grade Series is a “top shelf” decoy. Elite caliber carvings with varied poses offer extraordinary feather detail, unparalleled paint schemes, and superior durability. These decoys fool and finish more birds than any other decoy on the market: Pro-Grade Series, unsurpassed quality, and realism. They started with photos and video to capture the wood duck's personality resting and feeding behavior and then hired world champion carvers Dick Rhode and Rick Johannsen to sculpt the best-looking production decoys ever created. Simply put, their anatomy detail and life-like color put them n a class only the ducks can compete with—60/40 Dura-Keel, which is standard on every GHG floating decoy.

Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Wood Duck 6 pack includes 2 rester drakes, 2 swivel head drakes, one active hen, and one rester hen.

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