Heyday Lifetime Hydrofoam Redhead Decoys

Heyday Lifetime Decoys

LTD 531


Ultra-light, ultra-strong, and hydrofoam construction meant to last those nasty weather diver hunts. New for 2022. Packaged with 4 Drakes and 2 Hens.


HydroFoam Construction

What makes HEYDAY decoys unique is the HydroFoam construction. This is the same material (a closed cell EVA resin) used to make Crocs™. Not only will they never sink, but HEYDAY’s HydroFoam decoy is far lighter, more durable, and quieter than any plastic decoy making it easier and more enjoyable to transport, deploy, and pack up. 

HollowCore Body

Turn a Heyday decoy over and you'll immediately notice the HollowCore body. Because the HydroFoam material itself floats, and because it's so durable, weight is further reduced by hollowing out the entire decoy body.

SmoothMove Dual-Keel

Combined with a light weight body, the rounded Dual-Keel design instead of a straight single keel allows a Heyday decoy to move much more freely when subjected to even the slightest breeze or current. Like on a pontoon, Heyday decoy’s two keels work together to replicate true duck behavior and keep the decoys “swimming” straight without the unnatural side-to-side “drunk duck” darting that is characteristic of single keel decoys. All of this natural movement enhances realism making HEYDAY decoys more effective. 

Fool 'Em Finish

Another advantage of Heyday's HydroFoam construction is the fact that, unlike plastic, the foam allows for dimensional, carved-in detail. This texturing creates realistic shadowing for a more natural looking decoy. Plus, every Heyday decoy is painted in a photorealistic manner based on aerial images taken of real ducks. The Fool 'Em Finish - yet another reason Heyday's work so well.

Sit Right Deployment

Heyday’s symmetrical dual-keel hull allows decoys to deploy on the hard ground of a river bank, field, ice, or sand as tides let out without the lean you get from a single keel decoy. 

Easy-Attach Eye Bolts 

It's easy to hook up your Texas Rig decoy anchors to your Heyday Decoys thanks to our built-in stainless steel, reinforced Easy-Attach Eye Bolts tested to withstand in excess of 165lbs. 

UpRight Weights 

Every Heyday Decoy comes with a pair of UpRight weights which can be installed into the bottom of each decoy. Because these weights are positioned both low and wide, they make the decoys self-righting every time and offer maximum decoy stability in extreme weather conditions. And, even with the weights, a Heyday Decoy is still lighter than a traditional decoy.

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