Higdon Alpha Wobbler Goose Decoys

Higdon Outdoors



Lifelike, ultra-lightweight and durable, these hard-body Canada Flocked Head Wobblers are a lethal tool when it comes to hunting honkers. These decoys come alive in the field, offering tons of great movement and lifelike realism. Beautiful feathering and realistic paint scheme make these Wobblers a great value. The magnum size is slightly larger than an average live bird. Higdon's highly detailed, proprietary UV painting process and deep realistic carving techniques highlight each individual feather and minimize unnatural glare. Our paint won't peel or fade, so your decoys will look great season after season.  Upright and Low head decoys have removable swivel heads. Package contents:  1 Tru Sentry, 1 Half Sentry, 1 Relaxed, 1 Tru Walker and 2 Tru Feeders.

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