Higdon Battleship Pro Swimmer Mallard Drake Guide Pack

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Higdon's New Battleship Swimmer PRO decoys have been meticulously upgraded to create more reliable, realistic motion and water ripple than ever before. Oversized, high contrast and foam filled, the already legendary performance of Higdon's Battleship Swimmer Pro decoys is now better than ever!

Every single component of our latest PRO series has been meticulously designed to provide the most robust and effective swimmer motion decoy available on the market.

Our newly engineered motor and battery housing are IPX7 rated, ensuring that no water intrusion can jeopardize your hunt. The Battleship Swimmer PRO now features a custom-designed pump and impeller that not only displaces more water but also introduces an astonishing level of motion to your decoy spread.

What's more, our innovative magnetic charge port and charger simplify the setup process and are capable of fully charging the battery in a mere 6 hours. It boasts an amazing seven hour runtime and works in as little as twelve inches of fresh water, saltwater or brackish water. Simply attach a decoy-cord and weight and drop into the water for a quick set-up.

We've honed the timing sequence to perfection to enhance the swimming motion, and to maintain the reliability you've come to expect from Higdon Outdoors, each decoy is foam-filled.

Guide Pack includes 2 Li-Ion Battery Packs to double your hunting time and the new quick connect trailing mechanism for attaching a second decoy to your swimmer.