Higdon Gun Vice

Higdon Outdoors


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The Higdon Outdoors Gun Vise is the World’s best, most innovative magnetic gun holder. It mounts anywhere you want quick, easy access to your pistol, shotgun or rifle. The Gun Vise’s powerful magnets hold any steel gun barrel tightly enough to secure your gun, but with enough tolerance to allow you to quickly remove it. Its innovative shape allows you to mount your firearm in multiple positions, even with square or rectangular barrel shapes, and it will not hinder or damage most rails or gun sights. Its soft coating will not scratch your gun. Mount this strong, soft, versatile gun holder anywhere you want to be, including at home, office, in your blind, on a deer stand, in your automobile, boat or ATV. Works great inside a cabinet or gun safe. The gun vise is even strong enough to handle the pressure of chambering a round before you remove your gun. It can hold a pistol and two extra magazines. Safely keep shotguns or rifles from falling over in your blind, stand or boat.

Powerful Magnet Holds Pistols, Magazines, Shotguns and Rifles Firmly
Strong, Soft, Secure and Versatile
Super-Soft Rubberized Coating Won’t Scratch, Scuff or Damage Barrel
The Safest Way to Secure a Gun in a Duck Blind or Deer Stand
Use Inside Gun Cabinets & Gun Safes