Higdon Pulsator Pro Canada Goose Decoy

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New for 2024. The legendary performance of the industry's favorite water motion decoy is now even better! Higdon Outdoors has taken performance and dependability to new heights with the groundbreaking Pulsator PRO Series. Every element of our latest PRO series is meticulously crafted to provide the most robust and efficient motion decoy available on the market. 

No wind? No problem! No matter the condition, the NEW and improved Pulsator PRO is the ticket to adding portable water motion to your spread. The Pulsator PRO has a built-in digital timer that surges a highly visible spray of water and significant surface water disturbance, creating an ultra-realistic rocking/feeding motion that drives ducks wild. Add multiple units to your spread and watch your decoys come to life. This Signature Higdon product has quickly become a staple for serious duck hunters who want to add a huge impact on their set-up with a one-piece, easy to use unit. Simply attach a decoy-cord and weight and drop into the water for a quick set-up.

The Pulsator PRO now features a custom-designed pump and impeller, generating a greater water displacement and an astonishing level of motion. Our innovative new motor and waterproof battery housing carry an IPX7 rating, ensuring complete protection against water intrusion so you can stay in the hunt. It boasts an amazing seven hour runtime and works in as little as six inches of fresh water, saltwater or brackish water. The timing sequence has been expertly fine-tuned to enhance the rocking motion, further enhancing its decoy effectiveness. Bright, high-contrast paint, deep, realistic carving, and Higdon's XHD Hyper-Feathering makes these beautiful decoys spring to life. The addition of a magnetic charge port and charger streamlines the setup process and delivers a full battery charge in just three hours. Foam filled for reliable Higdon Outdoors