Heyday Lifetime Decoys 10' Texas Cable Rigs

Heyday Lifetime Decoys



The 10’ 10oz mushroom weight configuration provides more grip to the bottom, making this the go-to rig when hunting medium current or wind in deeper waters. This rig is also ideally suited for use with goose floaters in low current situations. Includes 6 complete rigs, 1 HangAll Carabiner, and mesh bag.

 Lifetime PVC Coated Steel Cable

  • Ultra-resistant to memory, tangles, and rust
  • Will not break in cold weather
  • 3/32” diameter

DryHand Carabiner Loops

  • Keeps your hands dry
  • Makes for the fastest decoy deployment and retrieval process possible
  • Rig design presents the carabiner loop at the top of the decoy every time

NeverLoose Crimps

  • Hydraulically pressed aluminum crimps hold no matter the conditions or how hard you throw them

HoldFast Swivel Clips

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel swivel clips are easy to attach, and will hold in place for as long as you own them.

AnchorPoint Weights

  • Cast lead weights offered in a variety of sizes and shapes ensure the perfect configuration for every condition

HangAll Carabiner

  • Oversized 5” aluminum carabiner will hold as many decoys as you care to carry, and most anything else needed in the field.

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