Heyday Lifetime Decoys Jerk System

Heyday Lifetime Decoys



Provide your spread with hassle-free motion using the easiest jerk rig ever designed. Simply deploy the anchor across a body of water, and snap decoys onto the Mainline as you return to the blind, tree, or hiding spot.

 Store your jerk rig decoys separately on their own HangAll Carabiner, or install EasySnap Decoy Drops onto decoy’s unused EasyAttach EyeBolts in conjunction with a TX Rig to allow for standard or Jerk Rig System deployment.

 It is recommended to use UpRight Keel Weights installed in decoys when used on a Jerk Rig System.


  • 90’ Lifetime PVC Coated Steel Cable Mainline
  • 12 decoy connection points
  • 6 stainless steel EasySnap Decoy Drops
  • 5’ marine grade bungee
  • Oversized 5” HangAll Carabiner
  • Floating Rig Tie
  • 1.5lb grapnel weight.

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