Mojo Dove/ Game Belt

Mojo Outdoors



Certain types of game hunting especially dove hunting requires the hunter to have ready access to many of the items used for the hunt, plus a method of storing the harvested game off the ground. MOJO® introduces the all-new Dove/Game Belt designed based on years of experience to provide those features needed during the hunt. Mojo dove bag includes pockets and bags positioned around a sturdy 2-inch nylon belt with a convenient and adjustable snap buckle to fit most size hunters. Pockets include features such as:

  • Very convenient way to hunt dove or any other small game while on the move
  • Handy shell pouch with large opening for hand and zips up while not in use
  • Handy cell phone pocket with magnetic closure for quick and easy access
  • Zippered accessory pouch with built in choke tube straps or holders
  • Large, vented game bag with blood proof liner
  • Game hunting belt has handy drink pouch on side for favorite beverage
  • Double snap / push button buckle with heavy duty adjustable belt from approx. 28” to 56”
  • Separate zipper pouch built into game bag for MOJO® poles, wings, and accessories

Made of High Strength Polyester Material with UV and Wear resistant features for long lasting durability.  Based on our many years of experience, this belt will store and allow convenient access to the items needed for dove and other game hunting.