Mojo Outdoors Elite Series King Mallard 6V Li-ion

Mojo Outdoors

MOJ HW2520


MOJO® Outdoors, the leading motion decoy company in the world, introduces the greatest advancement in motion decoys since the advent of the spinning wing decoy (SWD) with the all-new, patented KING MALLARD, part of our MOJO Mallard® Elite Series. Until now, all SWD’s have been designed and manufactured by the incorrect process of attaching the motor, battery and other components to the inside of a hollow rigid body which resulted in significant vibration, wobble and noise. Think of how your truck or ATV would operate if the motor and transmission were attached to the body instead of the frame.

In the alternate, the MOJO® Elite Series King Mallard decoy is designed, as it should be with these components attached directly to the support pole by a specially designed structural housing supporting these components. The outside of this housing is designed to fit precisely inside a flexible decoy skin, featuring a “drop in” battery and built-in remote receiver, all resulting in a smoother, quieter, faster and more user friendly MOJO® Elite Series King Mallard decoy.

The motor, transmission, power supply system and body are all attached to an easily accessible structural support frame – as they should be!


Plug-in Remote Port/Bluetooth Remote Compatible

Li-ion Battery 6V Rechargeable

The MOJO® King Mallard includes a Li-ion Charger 6V

Softer Skin

MUCH lighter in weight

Solid component housing connects motor and wings directly to support pole

All of these components contained in a specially designed housing, nothing supported by body.