Momarsh Dog Training Bumper




The MOMARSH Pro-Performance dog training bumpers have been engineered from the ground up to provide durability, comfort and performance when training your retriever. The tough, soft, bouyant EVA Foam is easy to throw, easy on your dog’s mouth and is consistent in any weather condition. The innovative pentagonal shape is easy for your dog to hold, stackable and won’t roll off flat surfaces. Designed by Veterinarians and Professional Dog Trainers.

  • Mark-white version is ideal for dogs during marking retrieves.
  • Flash-black/white version creates a “flash” when thrown that is highly visible to dogs.
  • Tough Foam Construction for Durability, Floatation and Comfortable Mouth Feel
  • Pentagon Shape is Easy to Hold, Stackable and Will Not Roll
  • Rugged, Flexible, Tasteless, Machine Washable
  • Medium; 9.625” x 1.875”; Weight: .25 LB / .10 KG
  • Large; 9.625” x 2.875”; Weight: .5 LB / .22 KG